“The Core Seminars” – This practical seminar has hundreds of ministry leaders in a model that emphasizes responsible evangelism, effective discipleship, student leadership, and the empowerment of young people. The curriculum focuses on reaching unchurched, non-Christian young people with the Gospel, and helping them become fully devoted followers of Christ.

We emphasize five core principles that are essential in making a difference in the spiritual lives of teens. Topics include:

  1. Making Youth Ministry Relevant Without Compromise
  2. Developing of a dynamic Leadership Team
  3. Discipling Students Toward Leadership
  4. Penetrating the Youth Culture with the Gospel
  5. Strategic Programming – Designing youth group meetings that attract un-churched kids, as well as take Christian students to the next level.

Get To Know Our Programs

Miami Youth Leader Initiative (MYLI)

A 24-month training, coaching and mentoring program offered in partnership with Miami Youth for Christ. MYLI introduces a model of youth ministry that focuses on effective evangelism, discipleship and the empowerment of young people.

Participants will create step-by-step, practical strategies for reaching un-churched, non-Christian young people with the Gospel, discipling them to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ, and empowering them as leaders.

The program includes regular training classes, a system for implementation and accountability, and a mentoring relationship with the program director.

Student Leadership Summit (SLS)

A leadership program for high school students. SLS include high-energy, interactive training sessions to help students develop essential leadership skills. Summits can be custom-designed for your youth group, and can be scheduled at your ministry location.

To host your own leadership workshop, or for information on our next training series visit our calendar, or call the Impact 922 office.

Urban Youth Ministry Training

Urban Youth Ministry Training is the urban training arm of our ministry that specializes in providing practical training for churches in diverse, multi-cultural church settings.

To book an urban training visit the Book Me page.

Career Coaching For Students

Career Coaching for Students is a 16-hour course to assist students in finding God’s purpose for their lives. The course consists of lively, interactive sessions that serve to generate excitement, unearth vision and passion, and put the planning for the future into the hands of the students. The program provides them with the necessary tools, including fifty pages of personal assessment results that reveal not just personality and gifting, but also provide detailed analyses of the students’ skill set, behavioral style, and values. The course will then match the assessment results to specific career choices … and the journey begins.

Students will accomplish the following through the program:

  • Write a Personal Mission Statement
  • Analyze Career options and choices based on Personal Values, Behavioral Style and Talent Reports
  • Develop an Action Plan
  • Develop a SWAT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, opportunities, Threats)
  • Identify Soft Skill Competencies
  • Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values
  • Identify Educational Requirements and create a continuing education strategy

Students will need to set aside time between sessions to work on assignments.

To organize a group to go through this course, a minimum of 5 students need to sign up. Contact our office for open dates to schedule a Career Coaching for Students session.